Saturday, January 10, 2015

My 8th edition Chaos army

Just a quick glanze at the 8th ed chaos army im doing.

So far done: 6 knigths , 1 spawn , 1 sorcerer , 25 marauders and 3 chaos trolls.

Still need to do 18 warriors , 10 hounds , 2 chariots and a mounted Sorcerer lord, before i can call my 8th ed stillhammer style chaos army done.

The next miniatures in the que are my old school chaos hounds ,
found 8 of them for 3 quid each BIN on ebay and additional 3 with a chaos dwarf handler for 10 quid.
The spare hound will be used for a warband sometime in the future.

So long guuuys

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