Monday, November 30, 2015

Citadel Fox Priest

Hi guys, it has been a while since ive painted some old lead. But yesterday the ich got real and i dug out one of my favorite citadel models of all time. The Citadel fox priest! Everything about this miniature is awesome from the robe to the dragon staff. For the painting part, i primed it white (never tried this before) and used alot of watered down colours, besides that i got really inspired by Don Hans approach to the fox priest and miniatures in general!

Enjoy , C&c is more than welcome ! Happy Hollydays!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jebediah Helmawr.Jr and the Iron Suns

 Hi all!

After 4 months of ''hard'' and ''semi intense'' work I finally finished  my confrontation gang. I made the gang for my gaming
clubs Necromunda campaign and played them as Orlocks.
The majority of the gang is made of old citadel confrontation gangers caught on ebay,
with empire and old imperial guard bits. Besides that there is a night horror imp posing as a caryatid and a hasslefree something as a heavy?
As for the paintjob I wanted to do it part grimey and part clean , as a 50-50  mix of John Blanche and Jakob Rune Nielsen .
I was directly inspired by JRN's booklet post centaur painting for the white weapons.
Sprinkled with checks, bleached hair , beard stubs and stipling for texture.

Here goes the gang of Jebediah Helmawr.JR and the Iron Suns.
Jebediah is Helmawr the ruler of Necromundas great great grandson and Jeb is working under direct command of Helmawr.
Disciplined , rich and unfair. He does the dirty work of the spires ruler. Everything from executions to bribe collection,
and ''pest control'' in the upper, middle and lower levels.
Some of the gang members are either Jebs own sons or nephews while others are hand picked from the top ranks of gangs in the lower levels.
When they arent performing tasks for Helmawr, they party hard and hunt scavies!

I hope you like them !

Byron , Jebediah Helmawr.JR and Jebediahs Caryatid.

Jebediah Helmawr.JR


Jebediahs most trusted man.

Jebediahs Caryatid

The heavies !
Warhog and Toast
(Anyone know what model warhog is ? Found him in a bits pile missing a leg and a gun)

The up close and in ur face m8 guys!
Hanzo Helmawr(Jebs Nephew) and Heath Sledger

The shottaz
Badger and Skinny Helmawr (Jebs twin sons) and Ira Goldberg hunting rifle extraordinaire

The teenage performers of ultra violence!(JUVES)
Minde , Derek(Highest ranking teenager) and Bane Vader

The lads together

And the lads magnetized to their metal whisky fudge tranport vehicle.

I hope you like them ! ohh and feel free to c&c and ask questions! :)
And sorry about poor pictures(i suck at taking them) and and and and spelling errors.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

My 8th edition Chaos army

Just a quick glanze at the 8th ed chaos army im doing.

So far done: 6 knigths , 1 spawn , 1 sorcerer , 25 marauders and 3 chaos trolls.

Still need to do 18 warriors , 10 hounds , 2 chariots and a mounted Sorcerer lord, before i can call my 8th ed stillhammer style chaos army done.

The next miniatures in the que are my old school chaos hounds ,
found 8 of them for 3 quid each BIN on ebay and additional 3 with a chaos dwarf handler for 10 quid.
The spare hound will be used for a warband sometime in the future.

So long guuuys

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Alien merchant

Alien merchant

Sup ! Hope you had a merry christmas !
I was so lucky to get a early christmas present in late november by my good friend Sonny Bundgaard.
Sonny is the owner of the club i play at, and is the most passionate hobbyist i know.
With not only hella beefy painting skills but also extraordinary sculpting skills.
He sculpted this ''Alien merchant'' for a contest , and from what i heard he is considering to do an entire line of space/alien civilians which will all come up for sale at some point.
You can check out his work at

or his blog

Enough with the praise hahah

 I had a hard time deciding what colour skin i would give him , but i settled on purple
 as its the colour i use the least.
For the clothing i went for a crossbreed between jedi robes and dirty mechanic.
I built up the purple from Hexed lichen (vallejo game colour purple) and elf skintone with a tiny tiny droplet of bleached bone.
On his back i got insipired by JRN's weathered white on the merchants holodisk displayer? or what ever it is hahah.

I would love to hear if any of you were interested in a copy of this guy or other space civilians for that matter.
C&c are very welcome as are all questions.

Happy new year!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nurgle Spawn

Hi there , time for a some content .

I wanted to show you guys my chaos spawn , that will be used in my 8th ed chaos army.

I really liked the old GuO , but his legs were just too fat and stubby so i sculpted some tentacles for him to creep around with.
For painting i primed him white , and then started glazing and washing like a madman. Did a few highligths , and picked out a strong red as a contrast to all that rot.
Hope you like the lardass :) C&c is allways welcome 

And as a tiny bonus i lined up some future projects , a rogue trader inquisitor crew and a confrontation bounty hunter gang .

Untill next time! 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

RoC Battle

Hi all ! I just had my second game of RoC my my buddy Thomas Riley from the forums.
We both just picked some models to be in our warband , and played WSYIWYG style. We also tried out 4th ed card magic as we felt 3rd ed magic was a bit too over powered. But the 4th ed magic was made for army battles and was pretty overpowered aswell.

We played a scenario where the objective was to persuade a chaos wizard to follow you to your deployment zone with a leadership test. Also if you lost a combat round with him you would have to roll an additional leadership test for him not to flee.

Here goes some pictures !

The classic warhammer poses , me on the left and Riley to the right.

 Rileys warband , lead by the musket armed chaos sorcerer Hazmat Mutilatore.

 Our objective the mighty Tzeentch wizard Zapp Peckerhead.
Painted by the very talented Sonny Bundgaard.

Deployment from my side. We have some awesome terrain in our club called Rogue Trader . I will have to take some shots of the other gaming tables for you one day , we even have an entire mos eisley table!

 In my first round i used a spell called something i dont remember , but it basicly teleported my sorcerer and his unit 18'' in the direction i wanted. And what a suprise i landed right beside Peckerhead.

Advancing forces , notice rileys skaven sneaking around the ruin.
The big close combat clash , my cultists and beastmen clashing  Rileys thugs .
You can see a hint of his chaos dwarfs closing in on the side.

Meanwhile my forces were getting slaugthered by the hands of chaos dwarfs and thugs.
My Sorcerer Obediah Ruffhouse engaged in a a bloody fight against the flanking skaven. The 3 chaos slann were eventually killed along with the the 4 skaven and my Sorcerer managed to flee into the dusk with Zapp Peckerhead , landing him the victory.

It was an awesome game, especially when you implement a scenario. I didnt like the 4th ed magic we used some pretty OP magic bolts which killed of a good group of beastmen and chaos dwarfs, so didnt feel like making it a part of the battle report since it felt like cheap kills..

 I hope you enjoy , and I am sorry for any bad english and spelling errors.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I have a dream!

I have a dream..
That one day i will have enough money to buy the entire citadel call of cthulhu range, and then play awesome narrative scenarios with people that love the universe as much as i do.. So meanwhile dreaming, I found this lovely book with scenarios and monsters and maps, for only 5 quid at the local book store.

It even had a awesome map of London anno 1817 in it !
Of course upside down ... sorry about that.
So do any of you guys have any experiences with call of cthulhu gaming or any memories about the miniatures ? Then please share your knowledge with me :)